About.Me, Me, Me …


Most new media professionals have a presence on various social media and professional sites; Twitter, Facebook, Storify and LinkedIn. Keeping track of all the sites can be daunting. One could create, host and maintain URL or web page, but it can get expensive as many are not formally trained in maintaining a web page. Thankfully, there is an alternative.

This is where About.me enters stage left. About.me markets the site to new media professionals with a catchy tag line; “Don’t stress when someone Goggles you. We got you covered.” Who doesn’t stress with the idea of being goggled? One way to elevate the unnecessary stress, create an About.me page that is written by “You.” Tells “Your Story.” All on “One Page.”

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 10.26.41 PM.png

With an influx of new media professional graduating each year and all eager to begin a career in their respective fields, it is important to create an About.me page that separates oneself from the rest. For most, writing about themselves can prove difficult. Taking the time to plan and design the page is the first step in setting yourself apart from the rest.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when creating your About.me page that may help you stand out from countless of professionals vying for the same position:

  • Decide on a clear direction for your page. Is the site solely to promote yourself to potential employers, gear your page to highlight who you are as an employee. Steer clear of creating a page that reads as a boring resume.
  • List your credentials: education, internships, volunteering experience and your passion for your respective field in a manner that is personable and authentic.


  • Less is more, but not always In some cases, putting less on your page may be a good idea.
  • You definitely want to change the standard colors offered on About.me and add some personalization. Stick to a central color scheme and unless you are a professional graphic designer, do not attempt to create web page that deters from the information posted.
  • Be Unique. The best About.me pages will have similarities. Pages are unique based on an individual’s personal touches; pictures, videos and bios. To further the uniqueness of your page, consider adding a timeline of your career journey.
  • Add multimedia components through audio and visual appeal If you’re a budding reporter, add a video of your most recent work. For radio personalities, add a 30 second sound bite of your voice. This adds a face and a voice to accentuate the words on the page and displays your ability to use programs such as final cut pro x and audacity which are readily used in new media fields.
  • Impress them by adding excerpts of testimonials written by peers, past employers, clients and professors you have worked for and helped in the past. This serves as online informal references.


Once your page is complete, it is important to add links and social media buttons to your other professional pages. “Each user profile page can include links to twenty-one other services; from [Twitter, Facebook, Storify, LinkedIn] to WordPress, these and a bevy of other sites can be linked to your custom profile page. In its simplest form, About.me is your on-line business card for all of your web-based information and pages,” according to Porter Gale, Reporter for AdvertisingAge.com.


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